A Deep Healing Digestive Tea

An herbal infusion intended to soothe, calm and nourish the roots of your digestive system. Marshmallow stimulates a "vital reflex" within that signals the body to support the healing of mucous membranes. Sprinkled with bright yellow calendula flowers, together with slippery elm, harmonize and protect, pairing perfectly with sweet accents of licorice. Warming ginger and soothing chamomile help promote rest and relaxation. This perfect ensemble of botanicals is a delightful way to nourish and relax from sunrise to sunset.

A gentle velvety cup with sweet notes of licorice balanced with calming chamomile and delicate notes of ginger.

Pour 16 oz of boiled water over 1 tbsp of loose leaf tea. Allow to steep for 20 - 30 minutes covered. Sip 4 - 6 oz of tea 3 times throughout the day, in between meals is best.

Organic Ginger Root, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Chamomile Flowers, Organic Calendula Flowers, Organic Slippery Elm Bark.

Shoka Tea

Price: $22
Shipping: $5.00

Each bag has 28 servings.
100% Organic Loose Leaf Tea
Caffeine Free
Bag is compostable.

Shoka Deep Healing Digestive Tea. Organic Loose Leaf Tea.