The Kinfolk Way

The Kinfolk Way is the journey towards whole well being. Developed by chiropractors, Dr. Keiko and Dr. Sera, they sought to create an immersive healing experience for the modern day folk infused with ritual and sacredness. The combination of deep mind body understanding, current neuroscience and heart centered intentionality is what differentiates Kinfolk from other health studios.

Dr. Keiko

Keiko Finnegan is a co-founder of Kinfolk Optimal Living, a health studio in Scottsdale, AZ designed as a place for people to collectively heal.  Keiko’s unique approach was inspired by her own personal transformation and healing through yoga and meditation. She currently serves, mentors and teaches an alternative approach to mind-body chiropractic adjusting known as the Kinfolk Ritual. Keiko approaches healing as an "unraveling" with an emphasis on connection and integration.  

To deepen her understanding and impact she has partnered with The Mindful Health Lab at Arizona State University to study the physiological effects of the Kinfolk Ritual. She is  currently working on her certification in Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate, as well as furthering her knowledge in Functional and Integrative Medicine.

Born in Arizona, Keiko attended the University of Arizona and received her B.S. in Physiology before attending Parker University for her Doctorate in Chiropractic.  She is a proud native of Arizona and embraces the desert with adventure and exploration.  She loves travelling abroad and has served in Colombia, Thailand and Mexico to provide care for populations with no access to chiropractic.

Dr. Sera

Sera Sheppard is a co-founder of Kinfolk Optimal Living, a health studio in Scottsdale, Arizona offering neural integration and integrative solutions for living optimally.  Sera is an experienced vitalistic chiropractor known for helping, educating and supporting clients with her unique, gentle chiropractic approach.  After her own loss of health in 2009, she has spent the last 10 years studying and applying the latest in mind body science and is passionate about reminding one of their health and healing potential.  

Sera, with her partner Dr. Keiko Finnegan, has developed a unique experience and perspective when it comes to healing.  To deepen their understanding and impact, they have partnered with The Mindful Health Lab at Arizona State University to study the effects of their approach as it relates to various health outcomes.  They aspire to grow and share the Kinfolk Ritual in the next stage of their career.

Born and raised in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada, Sera is a proud alum of Parker University where she received her Doctorate in Chiropractic. She is most passionate about sharing her work at Kinfolk and is currently working on her first book. In addition, Sera is completing her Functional and Integrative Medicine training with a focus in women's health.

Our Origins

Brought together in school, Dr. Keiko and Dr. Sera were quick to become lifelong partners and set out to create a space for people to collectively heal. Their mission is to connect, adjust, and empower people to live in alignment with their greatest expression. With a unique approach to chiropractic and cultivating community, Kinfolk was born.

What We Believe

There is an innate wisdom within your body.  Your body naturally regenerates, renews and restores. When you are fully connected to the flow of intelligence pulsing through your body you express your greatest self.

Our vision is for all people to courageously participate in their own health and healing, and to create coherence in the collective consciousness for the well being of humanity and our planet.

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