Ease in the body is ease in the mind.

When we feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and burned out, we tend to forget what we are capable of.  We are here to connect you with your inner resources, strength and courage.  To remind you of your inner peace, confidence and clarity.

Get out of your mind and into your body.

The adjustment serves to facilitate the processing of stored emotions that have become locked as a pattern in the body. Our mission is to give you an opportunity to connect with the greatest possible expression of you. One that lives whole heartedly, authentically and connected.

Are you experiencing . . .

What's Possible


What Dr. Keiko does at Kinfolk Optimal Living is truly special.  I look forward to my visits each week as a time when I get to relax, unwind, and recenter myself.  I'm sure you're advised by your friends to "Go get a massage!" or "Take a spa day" when you're feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, or fatigued.  I've taken that advice in the past and it is definitely nice but the effects never last very long and my pockets are left significantly lighter.  I bring this up because a visit to Keiko has a similar effect, but better, and it lingers.  From the moment I walk into the studio, I feel more relaxed and optimistic.  The adjustments involve a generally light touch. It's a relaxing experience during which I get to bring my mind back to myself.
- Kim F.


Kinfolk has helped me physically and mentally. The environment promotes peace, and Dr Sera and Dr Keiko have a wonderful gift of understanding the body. The adjustments are gentle and very effective. I’ve been a patient for 2 years. Each visit is the highlight of my week.
- Susan M.