A total well being experience.

The Kinfolk Ritual

Kinfolk is a whole body experience. We have intentionally created a space where you feel relaxed. During your 20 minute gentle adjustment we combine human touch with peaceful music and sacred scents to deepen your healing experience. It is an immersive ritual designed to soothe and calm your whole being.

What is the Adjustment?

The adjustment at Kinfolk is designed to guide you out of your mind, into your body to promote healing, transformation and optimal wellbeing.  We have created a safe space where you can plant your feet, find your breath, and connect to the inner peace within you.

The Kinfolk Journey

Designed in harmony with the laws of nature and biology, the Kinfolk Journey guides you through 3 phases of integration and deep healing for total wellbeing of body and mind. As you progress through the three phases of integration and healing, we support you with the 5 elements to living an optimal life.


to self


self expression


become better


let go


replenish and restore

What to Expect
During Your First Session

1. Personal Health Consultation

Throughout your first 60 minutes with us, we will spend time understanding what you have experienced in life that contributes to how you feel today.  The Kinfolk experience is about connecting to the whole you.  We will explore your physical pains, your mental and emotional stressors and any hormonal challenges.  We want to understand how you feel in your body, your mind and your life.

We then do a neuro spinal assessment to discover areas of tension built up in your body.  We call this the “mapping process” which gives us a blueprint to understand the structure and function of your body.

2. Your Adjustment

We will then guide you through a 20 minute gentle adjustment where we begin to tonify areas of your body with a gentle touch.  We do not crack or pop.  We prefer to whisper as we bring your mind and body into balance to promote optimal wellbeing.

3. Report of Impressions + Recommendations

After your adjustment, we show you the tension patterns and uncover opportunities for integration and growth upon which we answer your questions and provide recommendations for the greatest results.

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