Heal Back Pain

It’s estimated that 50% of Americans experience some form of back pain every year, with one of the biggest frustrations being the pain always comes back. There are many causes when it comes to back pain with a majority being lifestyle related.

Back Pain Causes

How we choose to move and use our bodies is a major contributor.  If we sit at a desk all day, move in repetitive ways that irritate joints, we lose our form during a workout or the injuries we have taken since we were young.  So yes, how your back and neck pain got your attention is the information your brain is sending you to either stop moving the way you have been.  

Scientists know that your brain uses sensory information from your muscles and joints around your spine to help control your muscle tone, movement, balance and posture.  When your brain takes this input from your body to guide movements and control muscles we call this sensorimotor function.  So, if this information from your spine isn’t accurate, your brain will struggle to control what’s going on in your body.  Your movements will become abnormal, tension will build in muscles and the risk of injury begins to increase.  If you train and repeat a movement pattern that isn’t sustainable you will ultimately compensate and wear out the body.  

Regardless of the nature of your back pain, whether it’s an acute accident or chronic on going pain, whether you have a history of disc injuries or muscle spasms, if you’ve had surgery or limited range of motion, we can help you understand why you feel the pain you do and how to get the body to restore its proper structure and function.

Our Approach to Healing Back Pain

Our gentle approach of chiropractic works with unwinding tension patterns built up in your body so you are able to achieve a greater sense of symmetry, balance and movement.  To put it simply, chiropractic care improves the communication between the brain and body.  This results in better control of muscles during body movements so you are at less risk of injury, have a greater awareness of your body in space and you create a structural foundation that last.

Research is showing that a single session of chiropractic care may improve core muscle activation and increase muscle contractions that are equivalent to those seen following three weeks of strength training.  When the body can move freely without restrictions and send proper information to the brain you wire this information through the nerve system and feel strong, flexible and resilient in your body.

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