Heal Anxiety

Anxiety affects 40 million Americans a year and that is likely an understatement. We have all worried about things that prevent us from sleeping well, focusing, being present and feeling relaxed.

Anxiety Symptoms

Evolutionary, our physiology is designed to keep us safe, but it’s when we get trapped in these patterns of anxiety, it begins to affect our health, our life and our well being.  The past dangers and fears involved famine, shelter and predators.  Now we have anxiety around modern living such as taxes, mortgages, our children and job security.

As we carry anxiety through our lives, the body responds with an elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, rapid breathing or tension in our neck, jaw, head, chest or abdomen.  This feeling of doom, panic and constant worry activates our brains alarm center, the amygdala. As a result, it decreases our ability to access our higher brain centers which helps us process, create solutions and think clearly. This activation of our amygdala signals a rush of stress hormones and chemicals that lead to us laying awake at night, feeling pain and tension in our muscles and joints, experiencing changes in our digestion and ultimately, not feeling 100% ourselves.  And unfortunately, this continues the repetitive cycle of feeling more anxious, more tense and overwhelmed.

Anxiety is a symptom that keeps us wired for danger and places our body and mind in a low grade fight or flight pattern.  We get trapped in this state and begin to believe it is our new normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Healing Anxiety with Gentle Chiropractic

Our approach at Kinfolk is to help you break this pattern and shift gears.  We help you process these built up stress patterns that are causing you to feel contracted in your chest and trapped by your thoughts.  The adjustment facilitates your body’s ability to integrate and process these patterns, and ultimately adapt to stress.

Your nerve system is a communication system that is constantly playing a spectrum of signals.  Like an instrument out of tune, it cannot create the sounds for music.  Our gentle adjusting approach addresses the tone of your nerve system.  We adjust the instruments’ ability to communicate and create the notes and chords that give us a melody.

Our ritual of adjusting guides you through layers of healing allowing you to step fully into a sense of peace, well being and calm.

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